White Marble Top Table

Stone form:Marble Top Table
Code:White marble top table
Model:Statuario white marble
Transport port:Xiamen,China
Hs Code:6802919000
Place of origin:Italy

Product Details

Product Specification

White Marble with high and low temperature resistance ,washable,durable,dust proof ,the color never fade ,Acid proof ,alkali proof and other advantages .


White marble top table



3.Surface Finish

Polished, honed, antique, sandblasted, etc.

4.Available size

Big slab

2400up x 1200up/2400up x 1400up ,Thickness: 15/18/20/30mm


Rectangular Kitchen Countertop: 26" x 96", 26" x 98", 26" x 108"

Curved Kitchen Countertop: 36" x 78", 39" x 78", 28" x 78"

Kitchen Table Top: 72" x 39", 96" x 39";

Kitchen Bar Top: 12" x 78", 15" x 78".

Vanity top: 25"X22",31"X22", 37"X22",49"X22",61"X22" etc

Normal Thickness: 3/4", 1 1/2", 1 3/16"


Big slab

Strong wooden bundle outside with fumigation


Fumigated seaworthy wooden crates, inside filled with foam

6.Delivery time

About 7-10 days after receiving 30% advance payment

Product Photos

Professional Inspection


Packing & Container Loading



How to treat the color difference of stone? What methods can minimize the adverse effects of color difference?

Just as there are no exactly the same two leaves in the world, there is no stone without color difference. Because of the different growth period, there are differences between the lower and upper layers, and there are also differences between the sun and the shade. There are also differences between the stones from different hilltops, so the color difference of stone belongs to very big. Normal phenomenon; but after all, the appearance of color difference will affect the decorative effect. In order to better reduce color difference, the following measures should be taken: 1. Choose the same mine in the same mine, all choose the sunny side or the negative side. (2) When the scrap material is processed into large plates, it should be cut along the same level as possible, requiring the manufacturer to arrange the plates according to the processing list, and if there is color difference, it should be avoided to put them on the adjacent or the same elevation.

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