Volakas White Marble To Be Shipped

- Mar 20, 2021-

These Volakas white marble  will be shipped out to our Indonesia client.  ETD is MAR.20,2021

Volakas White is a dolomitic marble quarried in northern Greece near the town of Volakas. It has a white background and diagonal vein structure ranging from light to thick and vein colors of grey, purple, pink or even brown. 

Finish:Polished,Flamed finish,Flamed + Bushed finish,

Tiles size:

305×305×10mm 12"×12"×3/8"    457×457×12mm 18"×18"×1/2"

400×400×12mm 16"×16"×1/2"    300×600×12mm 12"×24"×1/2"

400×400×20mm 16"×16"×3/4"    300×600×20mm 12"×24"×3/4"

Slabs size:

(1800-2200) X 600/700/800 X 20-30 mm    

(2200- 2400) X 600/700/800 X 20~30 mm

(2400-2600) X 600/700/800 X20-30 mm   

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