Vitoria Stone Fair

- Jan 23, 2021-


Location:Vitoria International Convention Center


Scope of Exhibits:

Stone and products: quartz stone, microcrystalline stone, Mosaic, artificial stone, stone carving, stone carving products, tombstone, etc.

Stone tools and equipment: diamond tools, stone processing abrasives, abrasives, cutting tools, polishing machines, diamond tools and products Angle grinder, engraving tools, sandblasting and grinding sand tools, segmentation machines, small tools;

Stone mining and maintenance equipment: mining equipment, stone cutting machine, stone maintenance supplies and equipment, stone transport and hoisting equipment, stone quality testing equipment, stone decoration and construction cement, stone processing machinery, etc.

Exhibition Introduction:

The Brazil Victoria International Stone and Tool Machinery Fair 2021 is held annually in Victoria, Brazil.The Vitoria Stone Fair is held in Espirito Santo (Espirito Santo for short), a STONE base in Brazil.Epirito Santo is located in the economically developed southeastern region of Brazil, with a unique natural harbor and convenient transportation. It is a state leading in the production and export of raw material stone and processing stone, as well as a major granite and marble processing site in Latin America.