Understand The Characteristics Of This Granite Stone.

- Aug 29, 2019-

However, before introducing this granite, Xiaobian wants to briefly understand the granite, granite granite, and the primary component of the continental crust. It is a igneous rock composed of magma below the surface and attributed to deep intrusive rocks. It is mainly in the form of minerals such as quartz or feldspar.

Because granite is a deep diagenetic rock, it can often form mineral granules with outstanding development and visible to the naked eye. Therefore, the name is granite. The granite is not easy to weather, the color is beautiful, and the appearance color can last for more than 100 years. Because of its high hardness and wear resistance, it is used as high-grade construction. The renovation project, the hall floor and the outside, is still the first choice for open-air carving.

According to the pattern, granite can be divided into six series: red, yellow, green, black, white and gray. The red series are: China Red, Tunxi Red, Maple Red, Shidao Red, Shrimp Red, Tomato Red, Xinjiang Red, etc. The series are: yellow rust stone, gold hemp, chrysanthemum yellow, purple point gold hemp, tiger skin yellow, gold diamond hemp, Yanshan yellow and so on.

The green series are: forest green, super green, Fujian green, Wannianqing, Pingshan green, etc. The black series are: pearl black, black gold sand, China black, sesame black, Jinan green, Mongolia black, Fuding black, etc. The white series are: Pearl white, sesame white, Tianshan blue, Jinshan white, white hemp, purple point white hemp, white spot white, etc., gray series are: sesame ash, pearl ash, cloud silk hemp, Zhangqiu ash, Lu gray, bluestone, classical gray hemp Wait.