Three Methods Of Wrong Maintenance Of Sesame Ash Granite

- Sep 06, 2019-

The three methods of sesame ash granite error maintenance, we will choose to maintain the sesame ash granite stone, but these three maintenance methods are counterproductive, let's take a look at it.

Stone conservation should be washed directly with water: natural stone, like natural wood, is a porous material that breathes, so it is easy to absorb water or dissolve through water to immerse in pollution. If the stone absorbs too much water and pollution, it will inevitably cause various stone lesions, such as: cracking, weathering, falling off, floating, spitting yellow, water spots, rust spots, white hua, matte surface and other annoying problems. Therefore, stone maintenance should avoid washing with water or washing the surface of the stone with a mop. That is to use a good stone special protective agent, it is not possible to block pollution for a long time, so immediately remove the pollution.

Avoid stone maintenance and avoid contact with non-neutral items: all stones are afraid of acid and alkali. For example, acid often causes oxidation of ferro-iron minerals in granite to cause spitting. The acid will decompose the calcium carbonate contained in the marble, causing the surface to be eroded. The alkali will also erode the feldspar and quartz in the granite. The grain boundary of the crystal of the object causes the phenomenon of grain peeling. Also, such as non-neutral detergents or water-based waxes, oily waxes, acrylic waxes and other waxes, generally contain acid and alkali, long-term use will make the surface of the stone shine, residual chemicals will lead to future stone lesions.

Avoid stone conservation and long-term cover of sundries: In order to keep the stone breathing smoothly, you should avoid covering the carpet and debris for a long time on the stone surface. Otherwise, the moisture under the stone cannot be volatilized through the pores of the stone. The wrong stone conservation method will make The stone is damaged. Then the stone will be annoying stone lesions due to excessive moisture and increased water content. If you must lay carpets and pile up debris, please don't forget to keep it clean and clean. From time to time, dust collectors and electrostatic drags are used for dust removal and cleaning. Whether it is hard granite or soft marble, it is not resistant to sand and soil particles.