The Effect Of Impregnated Rubber On Granite Plates

- Sep 02, 2019-

The role of impregnated rubber on granite slabs is always subject to certain damage during the protection and use of our stone. This is something we should pay attention to. During the processing of granite slabs, there are machine edging and some are artificial edging. Although the mechanization is developing very fast now, the processing of various industries uses advanced words, and the manual wear has its own characteristics. How do we manually grind the edges?

The ratio of the impregnated rubber must be homogenized and mixed uniformly according to the order. The 307 unsaturated resin can not be directly harmonized with peroxocyclohexanone or cobalt naphthalate, so that it is easy to cause explosion and become a thick porridge. The bottom cannot enter the crack. The effect of soaking is easy to check. First, look at the reverse surface of the granite sheet stone surface. Is there any glue seeping out, and the effect of seeping out is good; the second is to dry the granite plate after drying, and then smash it quietly. Pay attention to the type of protective agent to adhere to the permeability, water resistance and anti-fouling property of Shandong granite plate. The granite plate stone processed by the cutting machine must be dried and dried, and it should not be in the early stage due to the construction period. The plate is impregnated with plastic. Because the crack is rich in moisture, it is difficult for the glue to reach the deep part of the gap and the fine concave and convex parts. Moreover, the water has a repellent effect on the glue and is not sticky at all. So even if the glue is poured, the intention of firm bonding is not achieved.

The role of soaking glue on granite plates is something we should know. This is the situation we should master. In order to understand the granite plates, our quality is excellent and the technology is advanced. Welcome friends who are in need to contact us at any time. Let us Can better introduce you to our products, and let everyone use them better.