How To Wax Granite Marble

- Aug 30, 2019-

How to wax the granite marble, I believe that the nature of the granite marble is familiar to everyone. The granite marble also needs to be waxed to maintain the gloss of the granite marble, so that the granite can better maintain the life of the granite. The color will change and lose the original effect, then how should we wax the granite marble?

Maintenance: waxing and recrystallization 1. First, waxing, waxing and polishing marble is indeed an effective maintenance method, but this kind of marble maintenance has many drawbacks.

First, the wax surface is sucked, and the treated ground is prone to a gray feeling, and the pedestrian will leave a clear footprint afterwards;

Second, the wax layer closes the pores of the marble, and the moisture inside the marble cannot penetrate, causing the marble to appear lesions;

Third, the wax layer is soft and easy to be worn, and can not really meet the requirements of protecting marble. 2, recrystallization treatment, recrystallization of marble is a popular marble maintenance method, marble recrystallization is divided into two parts, one part refers to the mechanical tool part, the other part is the special chemical material part;

There are also two kinds of chemical materials: one is granite recrystallization, and the other is marble recrystallization. The basic principle of stone crystallization is to combine some of the special chemical materials with the heat generated by mechanical friction, and the structure of the marble surface layer to produce a new hard crystalline layer. The stone recrystallization system can be used for the maintenance of granite and marble. Give the marble floor a bright, fresh and natural effect. It also improves the wear resistance of the marble surface, making it more durable. In general, granite grounds can be used for such maintenance in two years. However, due to the difference in texture of the marble floor, it usually takes about 6 months to do such maintenance, but it depends on the degree of wear on the marble surface. Before the recrystallization, the marble needs to be professionally cleaned to ensure the construction effect. The practitioners must establish a scientific and rigorous working attitude.