How To Treat The Yellow Spots On The Surface Of Granite Stone?

- Sep 13, 2019-

As a decorative stone with more applications, granite stone is mainly used for paving high-grade interior walls and floors. Due to its high iron content, granite stone is prone to yellowing after a long time after paving, forming a yellow spot on the surface. How can we better handle these yellow spots and make the granite stone better decorate the building? Today we will analyze how to deal with the yellow spots of granite stone:

First, distinguish the types of granite stone macula. It is necessary to distinguish the types of yellow spots of granite stones and to clarify the reasons for their formation so that they can be handled better.

Second, deal with the internal elements of granite stone and the yellow spots formed by cement, cardboard and wood pollution. If the yellow spots formed by the reaction of the internal elements of the granite stone with the cement and the yellow spots formed by the pollution of the grass rope, cardboard, and wood, we should first treat them with the macular scavenger, and use the stone curing agent to prevent the yellow spots from continuing. Occurred or continued to deteriorate.

Third, the granite stone is treated well because of the improper formation of the macula. For the yellow spots formed by the use of marble glue or other adhesives, the residual glue on the surface of the granite stone can be removed with a marble blade, and then the surface of the contaminated stone is cleaned with glue. At the same time, it can also be treated by grinding and polishing according to the degree of pollution.

As can be seen from the above, due to the different reasons for the formation of the yellow spots of granite stone, the treatment methods to be targeted are also different. Only by using the correct treatment method can we better guarantee the decorative effect of granite stone and give everyone a more beautiful visual enjoyment.