How To Prevent The Occurrence Of Granite Stone?

- Sep 16, 2019-

Granite is a kind of granite stone, and it is also a stone that is easy to produce various kinds of lesions. However, no matter what the disease, prevention is the best treatment. Let's take a look at how granite stones can prevent diseases.

Granite itself is covered with capillary pores, and water intrusion is the root cause of stone lesions. Therefore, it is necessary to protect the stone before construction. At present, China's maintenance products are still in the early stage of development, and the technical performance is uneven. Care must be taken when selecting. For protective agents, it is unscientific to use them in large quantities without analysis.

The effect of granite stone protection is related to the quality of the selected protective agent. The existing protective agents are classified into fluorides, silicones, resins and acrylics, among which fluorides and silicones have the best performance, and they have strong gas permeability, excellent permeability, chemical resistance and weather resistance. Sex, can fully protect the stone. In addition, the dryness of the stone plays a decisive role in the effect of stone protection. Granite stone should be dried first, then coated with protective agent, and dried again and then applied again. Otherwise it will affect the effect of the protection.

The scientific protection of granite should also be based on the requirements of the construction site. For example, the kitchen should be waterproof and oil-proof. The bathroom should be waterproof and alkali-proof. It should be weatherproof for outdoor use. Otherwise, using the same type of curing agent for different products will not only protect the stone, but also deepen the stone's disease.

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