How To Fix The Color Of Sesame Ash Granite Manufacturers?

- Sep 08, 2019-

As a kind of decoration material, sesame ash granite stone accounts for a larger proportion in the current decoration industry, but it has a certain fixing method that we do not understand. Below we can work together to understand the fixing method of sesame ash granite. Let's learn together!

1. Waxing and fixing color: The method of waxing and fixing color is simple and easy, and can also increase the gloss of sesame ash granite and granite stone fire board. The shortcomings have a complex impact on the human body and the environment, increasing the slip of the surface and increasing the risk of pedestrian slipping. Waxing is also a kind of damage to the stone itself, because the solid wax contains discoloration groups, which will change color under the action of ultraviolet rays, often the color deepens, affecting the appearance of light-colored stone, and the wax will adsorb other dirt to form composite dirt, this filling The dirt in the capillary channel of the stone is difficult to remove by conventional methods. The fixing effect is not good.

2, Coating film fixing: coating film fixing method: There are two methods of coating film, one is dyed and then coated with film; the other is to mix the pigment and resin together to form a film on the stone surface. Advantages: good fixing effect, can significantly increase the gloss of the stone. Disadvantages: The resin will age and fall off, which will affect the "breathing" effect of the stone, which may cause certain lesions in the stone. The surface is prone to scratches and affects the appearance. The resin itself is also prone to discoloration, even uneven discoloration.

3, Crystal glaze solid color: crystal glaze solid color method: after dyeing sesame ash granite, wipe the remaining pigment on the surface, add crystal glaze and polish. Advantages: Good lightening effect, pure water-based product, good wear resistance, anti-slip and anti-fouling effect, good fixing effect. Disadvantages: One treatment cost is higher than waxing.