How To Choose Curing Agent For Granite Stone When Curing

- Sep 15, 2019-

When we are maintaining granite stone, we must choose the right curing agent. Let's take a look at how to choose the right curing agent. Let's learn together!

1. Don't just look at the product's manual. Any product must be tested in the field to determine if it is optional.

2. When using the product, do not be easily blinded by the surface water-repellent effect of the product. The surface effect is only temporary. If the residual part of the surface is removed, the test will be the real effect of the product.

3. When selecting, pay attention to whether the stone curing agent will change the color of the stone after use, whether the surface residue is easy to remove, and whether it affects the brightness of the stone surface.

4. The construction process is one of the important criteria for the selection of stone curing agents. The complexity of the process will directly lead to an increase in cost.

5. Do not use oily stone curing agent in closed areas. Poor air circulation may cause poisoning.

6. Glossy stone is recommended not to use granite film-forming stone curing agent, because the surface is too smooth will affect the bonding fastness of the curing agent.

7. Do not blindly pursue low cost and small loss, quality first, price second is the first principle of using stone curing agent.

light grey granite flamed