Five Points To Pay Attention To Splicing Sesame Ash Granite Stone

- Sep 07, 2019-

For the choice of sesame ash granite stone, we pay more attention to its splicing treatment, because this is directly related to the quality of the decoration. So, what should we pay attention to for sesame ash granite stone splicing? What are the main points of his work?

1. Processing of product direction: The first step of making stone is to do the processing in the direction of turning. This means that the side of the product needs to be exposed to the outside, and the front molding surface needs to be manually processed by the mold switch on the side, which shows that the front and side shapes are consistent.

2, The assembly of double-sided door cover: refers to the front and back of the construction site are door covers, this product has high processing accuracy requirements, the thickness of the product must be controlled from the opening, such as thickness error, must be assembled, Note that the side of the styling face is lined with the ink cartridge and draws a straight line at the end of the product.

3, After the first cut angle assembly: This refers to a set of products need to cut the angle of 45 degrees or any angle, such as the door cover, waist line, etc., must be chamfered after the assembly, if the first cut after the angle, after the chamfer The styling surface and the spliced styling surface have obvious joints that do not match, and need to be decorated again.

4, The processing of the groove: the processing of the groove means that the modeling surface has a groove processing. The size and depth of the groove and the aesthetics of the product have direct factors. Because of the design and the use of the product, the processing of the groove should be controlled on the copying machine.

5. Number of spliced products: After the assembled products are processed, the products are pre-spun according to the assembly drawings. On the back of the products, they are numbered sequentially from left to right to facilitate installation and construction on the construction site.