A Small Coup To Choose Home-made Granite Stone

- Aug 31, 2019-

The choice of home-made granite stone is a small coup. The granite with pattern is not only outstanding in color but also hard in stone. It provides a wide range of creative space for stone architects and decorative designers. This colorful stone has been paid more and more attention in home decoration. Too many users hope that some of the walls in their own house or one wall can use stone, so that they can add a kind of nature from the interior. Park temperament.

Granite is carefully selected from the selection to the later stage. If the user does not pay attention, then the granite will not show its attractive beauty.

The selection of granite must first observe the surface of the granite. The surface of the granite should not contain too much impurities, the color should be simple, and no mottling can occur. The surface of the stone with good quality is particularly uniform.

Another is to check whether the processing technology of stone is passed. If the stone technology is not closed, the stone after processing will have various phenomena such as color spots, breaks, pits, warpage, etc. This kind of stone is not a good choice. Need special attention;

Another point is that in the interior decoration, we must avoid the situation of "dark and dark", especially in the living room and bedroom. There are more guests entering the living room, and people in their own homes prefer to watch TV and drink in the living room, so all day. Faced with these various colors of granite, you will always feel eye fatigue; there is a bedroom, which is a place that needs to feel warm and comfortable.