Why should marble be maintained?

- Aug 09, 2019-

Many people who deal with marble have a view that marble is a durable material that does not require maintenance. In fact, this view is wrong. Because marble itself has a natural and outstanding physical characteristics - water absorption. In this way, marble is highly susceptible to pollution due to unreasonable stacking, packaging, transportation, and external sources of pollution such as water vapor, rain, and oil. The pollution problems frequently encountered by customers include: pan-alkali, rust, yellowing, stains, oil spots, straw yellow and weathering, aging, fading, gloss and abrasion. In addition, the problems often encountered by construction workers such as water spots are not dry—the watermark phenomenon that occurs after marble wet adhesion is a problem often encountered in engineering and one of the main causes of engineering disputes.

Precautionary treatment before marble paving is the best way to prevent various kinds of lesions in marble. It is applied to all sides of marble by some protective glue such as waterproof or oil proof. The purpose is to isolate the water stain of cement mortar. 

To prevent the water stain of the cement mortar from infiltrating into the marble surface, causing the marble to change color, or affecting its natural texture. Of course, in the process of paving, the marble is also required to be impervious, anti-pollution, electrostatic treatment, etc. These treatments belong to the marble pre-stage. The protection treatment, the person who is generally responsible for the marble installation will carry out such treatment on the marble. The consumer only needs to supervise and supervise the paving personnel to protect the marble, which can improve the aesthetic appearance and service life of the marble itself.