Why are some stones disappeared

- Apr 06, 2020-

                                  Why are some stones disappeared


Stone because of what, from now on disappear in people's field of vision?

 Depletion of stone resources

The exhaustion of stone resource has two aspects meaning, one aspect is this kind of stone material is mined light, another aspect is this kind of stone material does not let mining.

Either way will lead to the immediate disappearance of this type of stone products.For example, the once-famous jinan green was restricted from mining in 2008, while the substitutes produced by zhangqiu were banned in 2017, and stone factories were all closed.


The famous stone material that may exit the market recently is fujian changtai G654 sesame black mo belongs to, G654 is changtai the most famous stone material, its sales volume occupies the whole country all the year round stone sales volume front row

However, on January 1, 2018, changtai officially closed the G654 mine, and the stone that once sold well all over the country will gradually disappear from the stage of history.So many strong local stone enterprises have been hoarding a large number of stone, some stone enterprises even stockpiled several million cubic worth of hundreds of millions of rubble, so in two or three years can be found on the market changtai G654.

At the same time, there are also substitutes for G654 in many places in China, such as linshu qing in shandong, jinzhai hei in anhui, zhongshan qing in guangxi, and chenxi sesame black in guangxi.


"China black" this word is different to its understanding in each country abroad, the stone material of pure black in foreign market, belong to China black, Indian black, South Africa black is relatively main a few breed, these kinds of breed belong to China black best.

Compares a standard "black" in China should be the definition of hebei black, from hebei fuping, hirayama, muddy source area of shanxi, in the foreigner eyes before China "black" should be "China black 1", "China black 2", along with the market increasing demand for "black" in China, a few small factory searching for "black" in China, "China black 1", "Chinese black # 2" has dried up, now even the "black" 3 are China, rare.

Vicious price war

Lead to market atrophy according to our understanding is supposed to be the price cheaper stone sold more, how can because the price is cheap lead to stone market atrophy instead?

Stone in the final analysis belongs to a kind of architectural decoration materials, different times have different aesthetic habits.