white marble

- Mar 22, 2020-

White marble



It is a symbol of purity

White series occupies a more important position in natural marble variety

No matter how the stone popular color changes

White is always one of people's favorite colors


White marble, belong to a kind of high-grade marble in white building materials

Its colour and lustre is white run jade, grain is exquisite

Very authentic white, inlaid with a very pure grey black

The texture is clear and natural

It's so beautiful, it's hard to resist


In terms of spatial application, wellswhite is suitable for the modern style

Because of its quiet, elegant, downy, plain decoration style

Loved and favored by modern young people

The beauty that reveals a kind of low-key costly in contemporary, contracted style

The marble

Play the role of appearance level

Can satisfy the taste of single-family villa

At the same time play a fresh and contracted decoration effect

White "buildings" suspended in the air

Yin and Yang light and dark, ups and downs of the composition

Project hazy and transparent Oriental aesthetic memory

Enter a pure white dream space

It was like being cut off from the real world

Experience the high ancient temperament and lasting appeal