What's the problem with the broken stone

- Jan 24, 2021-

What's the problem with the broken decoration stone?


There are three reasons for stone breaking:


1. Natural defects of stone.


2. The settlement and tearing of the ground foundation part lead to the ground stone cracking.


3. External damage causes the ground stone to crack and break, including improper construction skills and excessive pressure during use.



First of all: natural defects of stone


Granite pavement is not easy to have problems, problems, generally marble. Some marbles have many natural defects, such as cracks, sand holes, looseness, sandwiching, etc.

If these defects are not repaired and made up in advance, once they are laid on the ground and polluted by dampness and some harmful pollutants, they will take the lead in the damage and damage of the defective parts and thus extend.

And the more high-grade marble, the more prone to damage, fracture phenomenon.




① in the selection of materials for ground marble, we should give party a correct opinions according to the characteristics of stone materials. For example, soft stone materials such as wood grain stone are not easy to be used as ground stone.

② during the construction of large-area ground stone, it is better to leave 1-2mm natural joints between the plates instead of fully sealing the joints to prevent the stone from bulging and cracking due to the temperature difference and the water and air pressure inside the stone in the future.



Secondly, the settlement and tearing of the ground foundation lead to the cracking of the ground stone

Before laying marble, understand the ground structure form, and observe whether the structure is a rigid body, and whether the cushion with cushion is empty and cracked.

When laying stone on the expansion joint and settlement joint of the building, the corresponding method must be selected according to the atlas, and the construction of the disconnection must be disconnected. It is forbidden to directly pave and paste the stone without simple drawing.

A good stone will be broken when it is paved. The main problem lies in the process of fixing and paving the plate pavement. This kind of problem mainly focuses on the ground stone or the floating window on the large plate.


Finally: the external damage causes the ground stone to crack and break, including improper construction skills and excessive pressure during use.


1. Too much striking force

When workers pave stone materials, in order to improve the efficiency, when they use rubber hammer to knock, the strength is too large, so the stone materials are crushed. If the rubber hammer is too big, it will break the stone.


In addition, at present, many installation workers are limited to ceramic tiles and artificial marble. Such materials are made of man-made synthetic materials which are stronger than natural marble. Even if they are knocked hard, they are not easy to break. Once they meet natural marble over time, if they still use the strength and technique of tiling or artificial stone to operate, they are most likely to break and break the stone!



When laying the stone materials, the rubber hammer shall be used to knock the stone materials with appropriate striking force, which is easy to knock with more light force and scattered knocking.