The stone for floor

- May 10, 2020-

Stone shop paste construction in the construction decoration engineering is often seen in the wall stone dry hanging and wet paste on the ground, is the decoration project has the most point, the most scale, the most scientific and technological content of the sub-project.

The quality of stone paving construction directly affects the overall technology, technology and quality level of the project.Therefore, in the architectural decoration must adhere to the scientific attitude, establish innovative thinking, the courage to science and technology, in order to really overcome all kinds of difficulties in stone paving, to ensure the quality of stone paving, so as to effectively drive the architectural decoration project internal quality and external image of the overall level of continuous improvement.

2.The cutting of stone ore must pay attention to the method.

After the selection of ore material, we attach great importance to the cutting of ore waste material, and generally require the ore to adhere to two "the same" when cutting:

One is must adhere to the same direction of cutting raw material, or from left to right, or from right to left, can not be left or right, how convenient how to cut;

Second, we must adhere to the same direction of the mineral texture veins, can not cross - cut vertical cut, to produce how much fixed cutting.This can effectively ensure that the paving stone pattern close, density consistent, to avoid color difference.

3.The stacking and transportation of stone plates should also have requirements.Ore suppliers tend to be more casual about the stacking and transportation of cut sheets, but decoration units should pay attention to:

It is to ask stone material to be piled up face down, in case the sunlight irradiate causes chromatic aberration differently;

Second, it is required to stack the balance, to prevent levelling uneven;Three is the requirement of a package should not be placed too many sheets, in order to avoid pressure deformation and rupture.


Two, the stone stone disease causes is to ensure the quality of stone shop stick the most important

"Rust yellow" and "water spots" are common diseases in the construction of wet stone paste.This problem is solved not good, do not talk about to assure quality, it is to assure the all-important importance that stone material shop sticks quality.Because of the difference of all sorts of stone material producing area, composition, performance, solve rust yellow, water spot also appears very difficult and complex.Jinan international airport shandong white hemp wet paste success, gave us a profound revelation.

Three, the appropriate stone maintenance is to ensure the quality of stone paving effective measures

1. Different construction areas should have different maintenance requirements.

2. To master the correct stone maintenance method.