Talk about natural marble

- Aug 04, 2019-

Advantages of natural marble: natural pattern, good hand feeling after polishing, strong hardness, much wear resistance compared with artificial, not afraid of coloring, pores, will penetrate.

Disadvantages: Some have radiation, natural stone is brittle, flatness is poor, love breaks, the connection between marble and marble is very obvious, can not be seamlessly spliced, easy to breed bacteria, lack of elasticity, difficult to repair, sudden temperature changes will occur rupture. Do a test, drop some ink on the back of the natural marble stone to see if the ink penetrates into it. If it penetrates, it means the structure is loose. In addition, this test can detect whether the stone is waterproofed, but this method does not make much sense for checking the texture. In the environment such as the bathroom and the kitchen, the stone will be treated with oil and water proof. Otherwise, the oil and water will easily penetrate into the marble, and the surface will appear stains and discoloration.

There is a simpler way to distinguish between others and natural marble: a few drops of dilute hydrochloric acid are dripped, the natural marble is vigorously foamed, and the artificial marble is weak or even non-foaming.