Talk about artificial marble

- Aug 03, 2019-

Advantages: no radiation, a variety of colors, a certain degree of flexibility relative to nature, the connection between marble and marble is not obvious, the overall feeling is strong!


1. Look at its surface. The surface is smooth and smooth, with good color and luster, but not as bright as natural stone.

2. Look at the back of the marble. Poor quality has fine pores. The manufacturing process of artificial marble should be subjected to vacuuming and pressurization. Normally, there will be no pores, and the possibility is extremely low.

3. Use the nail to draw the appearance of the plate without obvious scratches. The surface of the artificial marble has hardness. If only the nail can be used to mark the surface of the marble, it can only show that the quality of this product is really bad.

4. Inferior artificial marble is knocked with each other by the same two samples and is not easily broken. Both artificial marble and man-made quartz stone can also be used as kitchen countertops, but the hardness is slightly worse than that of artificial quartz. In fact, it is difficult to see the quality of the artificial stone. We still have to pay attention to the problem of the water absorption rate of the stone. It is the decisive effect on the anti-fouling performance of the artificial stone. The higher the water absorption rate, the smaller the density, the texture. The looser the oil, the easier it is to penetrate oil.

Bottom line: Synthetic marble chemical synthetic substances are harmful to the human body, have low hardness, are afraid of scratching, are afraid of hot, and are afraid of coloring.