Surface Finished of stone

- Jun 14, 2020-

Surface Finished of marble:polished/honed/antique/Sandblasted


Surface fininshed of granite:polished/honed/flamed/Brushed/Sandblasted/Sawn


What is polished surface?

A:The polished surface is a slab whose surface is smooth and polished with resin abrasives to give it a mirror gloss. Ordinary stone photometry can achieve 80, 90 degrees, some stone species can even achieve more than 100 degrees, but some stone species can not be polished, at most can only be honed.


What is honed surface?

A:The honed surface means that the surface is smooth and less polished with resin abrasives. Its luminosity is lower than that of polished surface, generally around 30-50, 60. It has a certain luminosity, but the reflection of light is weak. Slabs with smooth surface and low luminosity.


What is flamed surface?

A:The flamed surface refers to the rough surface finish processed by high temperature flame produced by acetylene, oxygen or propane, oxygen, or liquefied petroleum gas, oxygen as fuel. There are a few stones that can not be flamed or processed with poor results. Because the effect of flamed can burn off some impurities and low melting point components on the stone surface, thus forming a rough finish on the surface, the hand will feel a certain tingling. There are certain requirements for the thickness of stones in the process of firing to prevent the cracking of stones in the process of processing. Generally, the thickness of stones should be at least 2CM, and some of them have higher requirements. In addition, some materials will change color in the process of flamed, such as rust stone (G682), which will show a certain light red after flamed, rather than the original yellow. The flamed surface is characterized by rough and natural surface, non-reflective, fast processing and relatively cheap price. It is often used for dry hanging of exterior walls.


What is bush-hammered surface?

A:The bush-hammered surface is made by hammering on the stone surface with a hammer shaped like litchi peel, thus forming a rough surface shaped like litchi peel on the stone surface, mostly on the surface of carvings or paving stones. It can be divided into two kinds: machine and hand bush-hammered. Generally speaking, hand bush-hammered are more compact than machine bush-hammered, but it takes time and labor.


What is chiseled surface?

A:The chiseled surface is one of the most common surface treatment methods for granite carvings. Like bush-hammered surface, it is also divided into two types: machine and manual.


What is rough-picked surface?

A:The rough-picked surface are slabs that are shaped like pineapple peels on the surface of stones and are struck with chisels and hammers. The rough-picked surface are rougher than bush-hammered and chiseled. It can also be divided into rough-picked and fine pineapple.


 What is the antique surface?

A: In order to eliminate the characteristics of prickling on the surface of the flamed surface, the stone is flamed first, then brushed 3-6 times with a steel brush, that is, the antique surface. The antique surface has the concave and convex feeling of the flamed surface, and it feels smooth and does not sting. It is a very good surface treatment method. There are many ways to imitate the ancient surface, such as water erosion after fire, acid erosion, direct steel brush or high-pressure water surface, and so on. The processing of antique surface is time-consuming and expensive.


What is mushroom surface?

A: The mushroom surface are sheets shaped like rolling hills on the surface of stone by hammer and chisel. This processing method has certain requirements for the thickness of stone. Generally, the bottom thickness is at least 3CM, and the protruding part can be at least 2CM or more according to the actual requirements. Mushroom stones are used extensively on economical fences.


What is the natural split surface?

A: The natural split surface refers to the process of splitting a stone from the middle with a hammer to form the extremely uneven surface of the natural stone. The natural split surface is very rough, which is widely used in cube stone,kerbstones,palisades and other products.


What is the sawn surface?

A: It is directly cut and formed by disc saw, sand saw or bridge cutter. Its surface is rough and has obvious machine cutting lines.


What is the grooved surface?

A: Grooves with a certain depth and width are cut on the stone surface.


What is the sandblasted surface?

A: The sand is sprayed onto stone by high pressure jet of sand and water to form a glossy but not smooth surface. Or use ordinary river sand or diamond sand instead of high-pressure water to wash the surface of stone materials, forming a decorative surface with smooth sand grinding effect.


What is the water-jet surface?

A: The stone surface is directly impacted by high pressure water, and the soft components are peeled off to form a unique fur decoration effect.


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