Stone transportation

- Jun 27, 2020-

Stone transportation


Some matters should be paid attention to transportation.

1. Vehicle inspection.

Transport vehicles in addition to daily maintenance and safety inspection, before the transport operation also to strengthen the vehicle self-inspection, prevent the "disease" on the road, in addition to check whether the vehicle logo is complete, on the one hand to check the tire, ensure that the temperature, tire pressure is normal, reach the service life, wear and tear, aging serious immediately replace

2. Pay attention to packing.

For large size boards, fresh wooden square nails should be used.The finished products of rare and small specifications should be carefully protected and packed in cartons or wooden cases.When packing in wooden cases, it is generally necessary to place 50mm foam strips with flat slabs facing each other.Add iron waist band at both ends of the box and iron cladding Angle at the horizontal rail, which can slow down the impact of car shock and effectively avoid stone damage.Of course, but also pay attention to packaging clear, standard, easy to identify the mark, and do good insurance procedures.If it is a long journey, cover it with tarpaulin to protect it from wind, sun and rain.

3. cargo loading

.In the process of stone loading and unloading, workers should be light, if the area of a stone plate more than 0.25 square meters, all upright handling.If the crane or forklift is to be operated, the wire rope should be checked firmly to see whether there are knots or fractures. When the wire rope is hung, it should be kept even and the hook in the central position should not be deviated. Also, it should be paid attention to avoid the approach of other people.The stone material of long-distance transport truck should be straight along the running direction, which can alleviate the impact on the stone material when starting and braking, and reduce the loss.In any case, the vehicle must not exceed the tonnage load.