Stone stair design

- Jan 23, 2020-

1、 To cancel the stair, the processing method of bonding strip is adopted, and the thickened edge is not made, or the bonding strip is widened, and the support method of vertical plate is changed.

The quality problem of stair adhesive strip falling off has attracted the attention of designers. In many construction projects, it can be seen that the stair is no longer thickened.


In order to enhance the three-dimensional sense of the stairs, the stair plate without paste edge can be processed with thicker plate. For example, it is better to use 30mm thick board to make stair board than 20mm thick board to make stair board three-dimensional sense, and the decorative effect of stair is better.


2、 Design solid stairs

 The stairs of some shopping malls, hotels and hotels are made into solid stairs. This kind of stair is much thicker and stronger. If the height of the stair is 150 mm, the solid stair is 150 mm. No matter the bearing capacity or impact resistance of this heavy stair, it is much stronger and safer than the 20 mm thick stair panel.

This kind of solid stair stone is not easy to break, stable and solid, giving people a thick and firm feeling.


3、 Change the way of edge grinding, small bevel + large bevel.

 The upper part is a small bevel and the lower part is a large bevel. In addition, the upper edge of the small beveled edge is removed to reduce the obstruction effect of the stair panel on pedestrians, as well as the friction and impact of pedestrians on the upper part of the stair panel, reducing the damage probability of the stair panel.