Stone processing -part two

- May 05, 2020-

Process description: after the material plan is determined, the light plate is transferred to the board room, and the process is completed by the infrared electronic bridge cutting machine.

The equipment is also imported from Italy, is to ensure the successful supply of this project is one of the most important equipment.

The advancement of the equipment is described as follows:

Program control automatic cutting tool, effectively solve the problem that the cutting size deviation increases due to the change of saw blade wear thickness, and ensure that the cutting size deviation is less than 0.5 mm;Table rotation 90 degrees, Angle automatic adjustment, ensure the specification plate cutting length and width vertical, Angle deviation is less than 0.5 mm;Each monthly production 9000㎡ specification board.

Procedure 6: indirect phototypesetting and numbering procedure description:

After the cutting of the engineering board, in order to minimize the inevitable color difference caused by the natural properties of the stone, this process can be effectively controlled.

Our "theory of indirect lighting typesetting" and super large scale indoor typesetting workshop can typesetting and toning all the stone on a single facade or the whole lobby floor. After a large number of examples, the effect is very obvious and the best effect of color difference control can be achieved.

After typesetting adjustment, each specification board shall be numbered in order, which can be directly installed in order after the goods arrive at the site, thus ensuring the overall decoration effect of the project.

Step 7: edge grinding, grooving and chamfering:

The introduction of special edge grinding machine, for the plate slotting, edge grinding (small round edge, semicircular edge, straight edge, etc.), chamfering, than the general manual operation accuracy and luminosity to get the highest guarantee.This equipment has the characteristics of high efficiency and high precision, each of which can grind edge chamfering up to 3000 meters per day.

Procedure 8: protection process description.

Life in the air, acid rain, concrete, water sand, will destroy the face of stone, in order to maintain stone long keep bright and flawless, lengthen the service life, stone protection is very necessary.

Stone protection can play an excellent waterproof, antifouling effect.Can resist the natural environment of water vapor, waste gas, acid rain, ultraviolet light and other stone erosion and destruction.Prevent stone material "water spot not stem", "spit out yellow", "return alkali", "moss" appear of all sorts of disease.

Procedure 9: packaging and transportation

A, factory stone protection technology said stone protection for a long time can play an excellent role in the invasion of various kinds of stone materials in the packaging stone materials should be indicated: life long keep bright no waterproof, erosion and destruction.

B. There must be signs indicating "up", "wet" and "handle with care" on the packing boxes.

C. The packaging time surface shall be packaged separately according to the variety, specification and grade of the plate, with the product qualification certificate and relevant technical data attached.

D. The packaging quality shall meet the requirements for safe loading, unloading and transportation of the products under normal conditions.

E, stone stone material thickness of the wooden case and the processing method to ensure the safety of transportation in the process of loading and unloading, namely in the process of transportation and loading and unloading, stone cases will not happen casing deformation and fracture board, built in stone and stone and application of pollution-free waterproof material separated packing, to ensure that the stone is not contaminated during transportation and storage, banning the use of straw rope to tie the packing.

F. In the process of plate transportation, there should be rainproof measures, and it is strictly prohibited to roll or crash.Specification plate used vertical handling, large plate using lifting gear handling.

G. Stone materials shall be stored indoors and rainproof measures shall be taken for outdoor storage.