Seawave White Granite introduction

- Nov 22, 2020-

Granite, a major component of the continental crust, is an igneous rock formed when magma condenses below the surface and is a deep intrusive rock.Mainly in the form of quartz or feldspar and other minerals.

Granite is named because it is a plutonic rock, often forming well-developed, visible mineral particles.

Granite is not easy to be weathered, beautiful color, appearance color can keep more than one hundred years, because of its high hardness, wear resistance, in addition to being used for advanced architectural decoration engineering, hall ground, or the first choice of open-air carving material.

Granite can be divided into red, yellow, green, black, white, gray and other six series by color.

(1) Red series include: Chinese red, Cen Xi red, Maple Red, Shidao Red, shrimp red, tomato red, Xinjiang Red, etc.

(2) Yellow series: yellow rust stone, golden hemp, chrysanthemum yellow, purple dot gold hemp, tiger skin hemp, golden diamond hemp, Yanshanhuang, etc.

(3) Green series: forest green, gaoming green, Fujian green, evergreen, Pingshan green and so on.

(4) Black series include pearl black, black gold sand, Chinese black, sesame black, Jinan green, Mongolian black, Fuding black, etc.

(5) White series: pearl white, sesame white, Tianshan blue, jinshan white, white hemp, purple spot white hemp, spray white, etc.

(6) Grey series: sesame, pearl, yunsi, Zhangqiu, Lu, Bluestone, classical grey, etc.

Today we are going to introduce the white series of Seawave White Granite!


Recommended Usage: Exterior - Interior wall and floor applications, monuments, countertops, mosaic, fountains, pool and wall capping, stairs, window sills, etc

Finishing Surface: Polished, Sawn Cut, Sanded, Rockfaced, Sandblasted, Tumbled

Additional Names: Breaking Waves Granite,Tiger White Granite,Spary White Granite,G377 Granite,Mengyin Hailang Hua,Mengyin Seawave Flower Granite,Mengyin Spindrift Granite,Sea Wave Flower of Mengyin,Spray Granite,White Wave Granite,Spray White Granite,Sea Wave White Granite,in China stone market:浪花白(Lànghuā bái)


Water Absorption:0.11 %

Compressive Strength: 204.7 MPa

Density:2690 kg/m³

Flexural Strength: 20.2 MPa