Quartz splicing

- Oct 18, 2020-

1, with quartz stone splicing to first of all, the inclined surface to polish to the level, the inclined surface to 45 degrees is more appropriate.The technology of burnish is more exquisite skill, because this needs professional construction personnel to undertake construction, such ability assures construction quality.

2. after polishing the quartz stone, the glue to stick with the original color of the glue to paste, before paste to check whether the color is correct, to avoid color differences.After the color is determined, the quartz stone connection should be glued with paper, in the process of adhesion, the glue can not get to the quartz stone table, so clean up will be very troublesome.

3. When seamless splicing is done, fix it with F clip first, apply it with glue, and then grind and polish the connecting part with water mill after 15 minutes



1. Anti-fracture, no scratching

Because the quartz stone itself is made by vacuum vibration extrusion molding, so its hardness is not only strong, but also high density, mohs hardness can reach 6-7.5, is not easy to scratch.

2. Resistance to high temperature.Because the quartz stone material is special, such as high temperature resistance characteristics, its melting point is more than 1300 degrees, so it can be used in the kitchen this complex environment.

3. Pattern whole body, inside and outside like quartz stone contains quartz mineral, not only with changeable patterns, but also its appearance texture is very beautiful, strong decorative ability, can be used in a variety of areas.

4. The surface of anti-permeability, acid-proof alkali stone after special treatment and polishing process, so its structure is very tight, water absorption is particularly low, and anti-fouling performance is also strong, in the use of stains is not easy to penetrate into the inside, such as the daily oil, fruit.The juice and so on will not penetrate.