Palissandro classico white marble

- May 24, 2020-

         Palissandro classico white marble mainly produced in Italy, Burma, India, and China's henan, yunnan, producing area is different, different design and color, as well as with mine Bai Jinsha texture style each different, or grand magnificent or cool like water, or bold sweep or wen wan, lingering Bai Jinsha texture can give a person too much imagination, rich texture, unexpected colour, you'll never know the next second encounter with her will is in what scene texture.

         Italian Palissandro classico: material is exquisite, grain is rich, downy, have very fine glance small gold dot, but luminosity is in 60-70 degrees or so, physical stability, crystal organization is meticulous, flashing point is much, grain wave gentle and graceful turn.

         Italian Palissandro classico  originated from the valley of lake maggiore in the Alps, has a unique color and pattern. The background color is pure white, while the auxiliary color is a combination of blue lake color, gravel brown, and some other striped colors.Its pattern is like the waves of the sea, showing a sense of natural inclusion, and it has become a must-choose material for the modern simplicity/post-modern/mixture/light luxury/fashion of new yuan stone.