Packing, shipping and storage of stone product

- Mar 29, 2020-

Because stone is a large and bulky product, special attention should be paid in the process of packaging, transportation and storage, and professional methods of stone industry should also be used


According to the type and characteristics of products, wooden boxes and frames shall be manufactured according to the standard of wooden products for packaging.


 ● products that have passed the final inspection by the quality control department can be packed.


● count the quantity of the product according to the packing list, clean the product, and visually inspect the appearance quality of the product. If any problem is found, it shall be returned to the quality inspection personnel and workshop for timely correction or manufacturing.


● in the process of packing, take care of it to avoid damage; all products waiting for packing shall not touch the ground directly, and must be padded with rubber or wood strip.


● after the products are packed according to the packing list, the packing personnel shall make detailed records, and the packing can be sealed only after the confirmation and signature of the quality inspection personnel.

● inform the lifting group to lift the sealed products to the storage place immediately.

● clean the packaging area.


From the aspect of stone packaging, the export requirements are generally packed in wooden cases. The boards are required to be placed vertically. The light is on the smooth side, the foam is separated from the smooth surface, and the foam is wrapped around it.


The boards in the wooden box shall be strapped with straps first. Packing belt outside the box. If it is a thin plate, it is usually packed in foam boxes and then packed in wooden cases.


In domestic use, the general transportation is large board, wool board, to the market and then cut into the required specifications. If the specifications have been cut, wooden pallets, vertical boards, light facing the surface, separated by foam plastic, wrapped with straps and strong.

Stone loading and transportation method:


 It's usually a forklift. It depends on the skill and responsibility of the forklift master. Handle the fork gently.


 When handling and loading and unloading stone materials, basic rules shall be observed:


 1. When carrying, it shall be handled with care, and rolling is strictly prohibited. When stacking upright, the back edge must be on the ground first.


2. When the area of a single stone plate exceeds 0.25 ㎡, it shall be handled vertically. When large products are handled with lifting tools, their stressed edges must be padded.

3. For the products packed in wooden cases, when loading and unloading with lifting equipment, it is advisable to lift one case at a time. When handling the products packed with straw ropes, the straw ropes shall not be pulled.


4. Loading and stacking shall be carried out in accordance with the requirements of storage. During transportation, it is required to be stable and collision is strictly prohibited.