Natural stone--Marble

- Nov 17, 2019-

Natural stone--Marble



The unique texture of natural stone contains the most natural beauty,In this trend seeking society, natural stone materials cannot be absent,The texture of natural stone is absolutely consistent with.Young people's aesthetic needs!


There are many kinds of natural stone colors, such as white, black, gray, red, yellow, etc. When the European style is prevailing, beige is very popular, such as Saana beige, Ottoman beige and so on.

But in the past two years, compared with European style, modern style home decoration has more market. 8090's young people like the style of simplicity and luxury.


White, gray, black and other colors of marble are highly sought after, so today is to make small for you Amway, black and white gray, these three colors of natural stone!

White stone is long heard is: fish belly white, snow white, jazz white. These three kinds of marble are high quality white stone, texture with a noble spirit, very suitable for use in home decoration.


As for the grey, there are many. We will talk about some of them. You are welcome to add them, such as Hermes grey, yundola grey, Cyprus grey and so on.

Gray stone with a steady elegance, as the ground or wall is a very good material.


Next is the black marble. Compared with the white and gray, the black is a little colder, but it is also very good as an ornament. The black is solemn and luxurious. For example, the black gold flower is a very gorgeous natural marble, and the silver white dragon is also a very good-looking black marble.