Marble wall finished

- May 17, 2020-

Different from the ground stone, can use very heavy grinding machine construction.The grinding of metope stone is even, can rely on the worker to use at present hand polishing machine to cooperate with grinding piece to undertake construction.Due to the lack of pressure, the hand toss machine needs the help of human arm strength, so it needs skill very much, but also relatively tired, the effect is also average.Accordingly, at present character, metope abrade can accomplish only "dabbling stop", suit light processing only.

Objective understanding and look at this point, to the owner side and construction side between good communication, is very helpful.But the flatness of metope stone material, also have very big effect to adornment effect, so what good skill, can let metope grind a good effect?


If you want to use the hand dryer + dry grinding piece to grind the wall and table surface into a good effect, the key elements are as follows:

1. Selection of materials (abrasives and abrasives)

Matched with the dry grinder used by hand thrower, the conventional size is 3 inches, 4 inches,


The numbering method and the number of segments are different, but there is a corresponding relationship between them.By grinding, can take into account the leveling and polishing effect.

Moreover, the manufacturing process of the dry grinding pieces has been very mature, and the common grinding pieces on the market are of good quality.Therefore, the important thing is how to choose which section to start grinding according to the plate condition in practice.Generally speaking, if the following three conditions exist, the grinding must start from the primary grinding plate:

1: there is a difference in the height of the plate, which needs to be leveled.

2: serious scratches appear on the surface of the plate.

3: aging, pulverization, pollution and other conditions appear on the surface of the plates.


Second, the choice of pressure

Hand mills are refurbished and differ from grinders and surface mills in that they rely on the strength of a worker's arm to generate pressure.This is a very important point.

But people obviously don't compare their own strength with the gravity of the machine itself, so they can't empathize with it.In fact, for grinding machine or crystal surface machine, flat on the ground, its pressure itself has the following characteristics: one is uniform, two is sufficient.

Grinding machine, crystal surface machine weight is large, the downward pressure itself is sufficient;Moreover, the machine grinding disc is far larger than the diameter of the 3-inch, 4-inch and 7-inch grinding disc installed by the hand throwing machine, so the pressure is very uniform.But both of these things, which are natural for machines, are very difficult for people.

So, there are some things about the downforce of the arm during operation:

1. Strength

While grinding, the downforce of the arm is generated, though we have no way to detect it in real time.However, the materials used in our stone care industry are very characteristic, such as powder and agent, and the weight is generally 5 kg.When workers are operating, they can completely refer to the strength required by the arm when carrying a barrel of 5kg crystal powder to compare the downforce when throwing and grinding.

We suggest that the pressure should be up to 10~20 kg for grinding.The grinding optimization stage can be used about 10 kg.The grinding and polishing stage can be 5~10 kg.Only by reaching this standard can the grinding effect of grinding pieces on the surface of stone be effective.

But in practice, many people are used to getting things done.You know, the ground with the grinding machine, crystal surface machine grinding, even if it is a rub, there is also the machine's own gravity generated by the natural downforce.Just rubbing against walls and countertops is actually missing the "downforce" that is important for grinding.It's hard to grind it out.

2. Uniform strength

We give a pressure range of 5~20 kg, but it does not mean that you can jump in this range at will, but you should always maintain the uniform strength, do not be light or heavy.For example, when some people throw the grinding, from a relatively close position to the body grinding, just go up the pressure is very big, when the machine moved away from some, it will become a rub.

Uneven pressure, grinding pieces for different positions of the cutting degree is not enough, will cause local height difference;It can also cause scratches.So a good worker should improve his or her skills, no matter how large the area, and the pressure that the mill exerts on all the areas should be kept basically the same.

But at the same time, if you encounter a local difference in height, you must increase the force exerted by your arm.This is not inconsistent with the big principle.

For example, a worker used to control the pressure at 10 kg in the leveling stage can apply 15 kg or even 20 kg pressure in this area when encountering the position of difference between high and low, such as the scissors.Wait until after grinding, then the strength back to 10 kg or so.

3. Move evenly

In addition, the speed of movement should be uniform, not too fast, not too slow.The specific speed can refer to the mature experience, but also can refer to their own speed when grinding the ground to execute.



Three, grinding process

 coarse grinding,fine grinding and precision grinding,polish


Four, grinding tips

Transverse grinding

Hold the hand to throw machine, move along the horizontal line, according to the "left → right → left" or "right → left → right" line, return three times, this area is worn out.

Then, move the hand projector up or down, press a third of the width of the previous worn area, and follow the "left → right → left" or "right → left → right" line, and make three round trips.

And so on, until the whole sheet is ground horizontally.

(2) longitudinal grinding

Similarly, refer to the above method, the same round trip for 3 times, the same alternating 1/3 area, using the hand toss machine to vertically grind the whole plate.

(3) leave the edge of 1~2cm

No matter be metope or mesa, when coarse size grind, do not grind to the edge at one time, want to leave the width of 1~2cm however, leave a few later grind piece to advance bit by bit.

Careful grinding treatment is the best way to solve the scratch problem, and is also the key factor to determine the final flatness of the wall or mesa and the light effect.