Marble producing area

- Jan 22, 2020-

Marble variety, rich, different places of marble have different feelings, in addition to domestic marble, there are imported marble.


For example, Iran, Turkey, Italy and Brazil are the export countries of stone materials in the world. They have various varieties, rich reserves and high quality.

 Iran has 32 provinces, each rich in granite and marble. According to the geographical location of Iran, there are caves and marbles in the north, rich varieties of granite in the south, more marble caves in the middle and less granite resources. Granite resources are the main resources in the surrounding areas.

Brazil's natural stone mining and processing industry accounts for 8% of the country's GDP. There are about 10000 stone enterprises in total, 400 of which are export enterprises, of which 120000 are directly employed and 360000 are indirectly employed.

 Brazil is the world's third largest exporter of slate after Spain and China, and the second largest exporter of granite after India, according to a survey of the Brazilian stone industry.

The top five natural stone export markets in Brazil are the United States (mainly granite), China, Italy, Canada and Mexico. There are many kinds of natural stones in Brazil, which are quite competitive in the world market.

 Italy is known as the "Kingdom of stone materials". Its output, import and export volume have long ranked first in the world. From narrow stone corridor, large stone, to louvers and iron railings, deep overhanging eaves on the top, lifelike stone sculptures, majestic stone columns, people really feel the existence of this unique city.

 Italy, rich in marble resources, is also famous for its stone technology, and its design is second to none in the world. In the use of stone, Italy has always attached great importance to the use of stone in housing.

At present, Turkey has more than 2000 mines, more than 600 kinds of marble have been proved, accounting for 40% of the world, and it is the country with the largest variety of marble in the world. Its main export products are marble, limestone and agate. There are 1500 factories engaged in stone processing in China, more than 7500 stone trading companies, and nearly 250000 stone workers.

Turkey is one of the oldest marble producing countries in the world, with a production history of more than 4000 years. The earliest place of origin is the island of Marmara in the sea of Marmara, where white marble is abundant.

90% of Turkey's marble mines are located in the west of Turkey, especially in the island of Marmara, Aegean Sea area and afyong province. There are more than 250 varieties of marble mined in Turkey, of which more than 100 are exported abroad.

 Turkish marble has many advantages, such as good quality, various varieties, bright colors and beautiful patterns. Due to the introduction of modern processing machinery (mainly imported from Italy) and the use of advanced processing technology, the quality of marble production has been continuously improved in recent years. It is not only widely used in domestic buildings, but also exported to other countries in large quantities.