Marble prevents UV radiation

- Aug 19, 2019-

The design of the marble bay window countertops suggests that you can consider using marble as a countertop when you are making a bay window. After all, most of the bay windows are exposed to the sun, and other materials are still relatively easy to break.

The marble is strong and wear resistant, and the marble prevents UV radiation. In particular, marble is also resistant to bacteria and is important to the health of the family.

The marble material is laid on the bay window and generally conforms to the decoration style of the home. The marble is durable and won't fade. Can effectively avoid a lot of unnecessary stains and traces, and it is better to clean and handle the later window.

Marble decoration bay window is a good choice. According to the texture and color of the marble, the matching style is different, which not only reflects the texture, but also adds artistic sense and warmth. Plus the durability and better maintenance of the marble, it is indeed done. Bay window is a good choice. The use of marble to decorate the bay window is definitely worth the money.