Marble mosaic bonding focus

- Aug 02, 2019-

First of all: to eliminate the fracture surface of the stone, so as not to leave dust and particles, to support the moisture of the fracture surface, but also not to have moisture, conditional to use high-pressure air pump to hold temperature dishes, to undulate debris, to cook, Then apply the adhesive on the fracture surface, apply it evenly and spread the thickness, and then immediately butt and squeeze tightly. The adhesive is slightly spilled.

Carefully, it is determined that the plate should be removed first, and the glue is newly formulated. Otherwise, the glue is not too likely to be abolished. For the thickness of 2cm or more, the vertical bonding should not be the best result, that is, the stone pen is erected after sticking, and the stone itself is fixed by the weight of the stone itself, so it is possible to make a little bolt to vertically place the stone.

When bonding, the front plate can be tapped with a wooden hammer or a rubber hammer. The pressure is applied slightly to make the seam as small as possible. It is suitable for flat coating of 1cm thickness and white on a flat platform. Paper, put the stone to be bonded, put it on the broken surface, and immediately tighten the joint. After the glue is tough, you may wish to hold the next product.

The bonding of the rest of the stone, such as stone handicrafts, stone tableware, and shaped stones, is also roughly standard. The arc panel is suitable for vertical adhesion, and the flower composition is suitable for flat bonding. The bonding of the whole plate should be as small as possible as soon as possible, and the best bonding result is achieved, and the artistic object of the back is not used.