Marble background wall

- Apr 12, 2020-

       Background wall is a window that the home installs a design, exist every corner that occupy the home, the setting of the TV setting wall of the sitting room, sofa setting wall, porch, also perhaps the bedstead setting of the bedroom.

       Because its beautiful practical, become the indispensable place in every home almost, the feeling does not have setting wall, little bit less what.

And setting wall regards the place that occupy the home as important, when decorating, especially exquisite, how to decorate, with what material, become the heart problem of every owner.

      Everybody also understands, the decoration material of setting wall on market is very much, stone material, lumber, ceramic tile, wallpaper, glass waits, have everything.

Of course, each material has its own advantages, but NO.1, it must be marble.

      First!Of course is to blunt marble this very fight appearance level, natural grain, no matter be Chinese style, Europe type, contemporary it can hold up this due temperament!

       Secondly, it is the marble durable, as nature hundreds of billions of years of product, marble stability can be said to be a bar!If you look at those ancient marble buildings in Rome, they are perfectly preserved unless you destroy them.

       Finally, marble is highly malleable!You can do what you want, straight, curved, carved, transparent, whatever you want.