Marble background wall

- Jan 26, 2020-

The log texture on both sides of the TV wall, and the marble texture in the middle, can bring a modern and elegant sense of space through such a natural and elegant texture matching, very simple and natural, suitable for modern simple style.


The wood on both sides is replaced by white board, and the frame shape with gypsum line texture is suitable for some European and American style, and the overall effect is very elegant and high-grade.


Dark wood on the side + marble in the middle, this kind of collocation is suitable for some Chinese style, classical, light luxury and other decoration styles, bringing a solemn sense of space with a steady tone.


If you want the space to be more refined and layered, you can also add decorative lines in the wood on both sides, and decorate with the texture of metal or black glass, so that the space is rich and high-end.

In the wood sense of the side, a storage display cabinet is added to keep the TV wall beautiful and generous. It also has practical and rich storage functions. It is a very good design. A few display shelves are set aside in the storage cabinet, and exquisite decorations are placed to make the TV wall more elegant and high-end.


If there is a door on the TV wall, through the design of side wood + middle marble, the door can also be concealed into the side wood, which is very ingenious and delicate.