Marble and granite refurbishment

- Nov 15, 2020-

In today's decorative materials, many natural stones, with their beautiful patterns and hard physical properties, have become the first choice for decoration of lobby, floor and wall.Long-term use of stone surface weathering, damage, wear, scratches and other phenomena, loss of luster.In order to make the stone surface bright and beautiful again, people usually renovate it and use more scientific and correct maintenance methods to maintain the stone surface bright and beautiful.


Refurbishment of marble floors

Natural marble is also known as marble, the main ingredients are calcium carbonate and magnesium, sodium, silicon and so on, rub type hardness value is about 4.5, softer.Poor resistance to weathering, so wear surface easy to lose luster.We can choose light, medium and deep stone renovation according to the degree of wear on the stone surface.

Marble refurbishment required equipment, accessories and consumables are: ordinary weight machine, 4-inch diamond and stone water mill, 17-inch turning plate, water suction machine, notice board, spray bottle, glass scraper, water wiper, bucket.

1. The marble is slightly refurbished

If the stone surface is slightly scratched, it can be refurbished with a light refurbishment process.If there is old wax on the ground, pick up the wax first, and then use 800 # goldstone water-grinding pad and clean water to polish it for 10 minutes. Note: Add water in the polishing process to keep the ground wet, and use water suction machine to absorb sewage, so as to prevent the sewage from polluting the ground for the second time.Then change 1500 #, 3000 # polishing plate and diamond stone water grinding plate, and grind them one by one using the above method.After the refurbishment procedure is complete, clean the stone surface with clean water and drain the water. The marble is slightly refurbished.

2. Moderately refurbished marble

When the stone surface loses luster and cannot reflect the object without deep scratches, it can be refurbished with moderate refurbishment process.Using polishing plates of 200 #, 400 #, 800 #, 1500 # and 3000 #, grinding one by one, polishing methods and precautions shall be consistent with the above mentioned.

3. Deep renovation of marble

When there are holes, weathering and serious corrosion on the stone surface, completely lose luster and there are deep scratches, the deep renovation process can be used for renovation treatment.

Before renovation will repair the hole, as follows: holes in the dirt cleaned first, then dry stone, according to the color of the original stone material and reflective properties of imported epoxy resin adhesive or unsaturated resin adhesive, after toning and then to repair, using compound machine, with double new dish and 50 #, 150 #, 200 #, 400 #, 800 #, 1500 #, 3000 # crystal emerald water flowing on each piece of grinding.Polishing methods and precautions shall be consistent with light refurbishment.

Ii. Renovation of granite floor

Granite, commonly known as granite, is mainly composed of quartz and mica, with a hardness value of about 6.5. It has a hard texture and is prone to natural weathering and wear after long-term use. Its characteristic is mica falling off.At this time the stone surface has a small amount of concave pitting appears, when the pitting is increasing, the granite surface brightness drops, loss of the original luster, touch with a concave convex feeling, the use of refurbishment can restore the stone luster.

Because granite texture is hard, so when its surface is damaged, it is difficult to use chemical maintenance agent, abrasive agent for maintenance to achieve the ideal effect, the use of large stone refurbishing machine using physical grinding method, the effect is better than the use of chemical products for refurbishing grinding.

The use of physical grinding methods must meet two conditions: first, the weight of the refurbishment machine;Second, the speed of refurbishing machine.That is to say, the stone grinding process requires weight and low speed;Low weight and high speed are required in the polishing process.At present, the common weight machine used in the market due to low weight, low speed, can not meet the necessary conditions for granite renovation physical grinding, so granite renovation after the effect is not ideal.

Equipment, accessories and consumables for granite renovation: professional stone refurbishing machine, 3-inch metal grinding sheet, refurbishing sheet, 9-inch red polishing pad, water-absorbing machine, notice board, spray bottle, light meter, glass wiper, water wiper and bucket.

Working procedures and construction methods:

Set up a notice board at the work site. To prevent mud and dirt from splashing on the walls, stick the bottom of the ground surrounding walls with transparent plastic film.Add clean water into the water tank of the stone refurbishing machine, connect the power supply, prepare various types of metal grinding plates, refurbishing plates, etc., and adjust the equipment and ground level for preparation.If the ground has old wax, wax rises first.

Use 6 pieces of 50 # metal grinding plates and install them on the two grinding heads respectively. Add two pieces of 50kg counterweight iron, adjust the refurbishing machine speed to about 500rpm, release water and start the motor grinding.Grind about 1 square meter area every time, push and pull 3~5 times repeatedly, grind the stone cutting mouth part to smooth, the water amount is moderate during grinding, prohibit dry grinding, use water absorption machine to dry, absorb the ground.

Replace 150# metal grinding pieces and 300# metal grinding pieces, and grind them in order to smooth the cutting mouth and eliminate rough grinding marks.Repeatedly grinding, scraping and drying the floor.

Use 200 #, 400 #, 800 #, machine speed 500 RPM to continue grinding.Then use 1500 # and 3000 # polishing plates to polish the surface. At this time, remove the two counterweight iron from the machine and increase the speed from 500 RPM to 650 RPM. Finally, wash and dry the surface of the stone, presenting a beautiful color.

Some stone in the renovation of the color of light and other color difference, because the stone in the factory to reduce the color difference done special coloring treatment, and these special colorant in the renovation of the grinding process was ground out, restore the original appearance of the stone, so there will be dark stone fade, become shallow, color difference phenomenon.