How to treat fragile stone to reduce damage

- Oct 25, 2020-

Stone product processing and construction of the most afraid of is the marble in the crack, marble crack is the inevitable hard damage in stone, but also marble pain point, stone pain point.Marble cracks not only affect the decorative quality of stone products after installation, but also have a great impact on the production process, construction progress, delivery date, project cost, profit, and late acceptance.In the face of easy damaged stone how to do, what countermeasures can reduce their damage?

1. Carefully and carefully apply glue to the cracked plate

Although a lot of marble cracks, but if the cracks of the plate carefully and meticulously filling glue, or can enhance the strength of the crack plate, reduce its damage.Many domestic stone plate production enterprises in the cost and market price of the consideration of the cracked plate and did not use good glue, spend more labor, with good technology and good equipment repair plate.These large plate manufacturers did not consider the marble crack to the subsequent production processing and construction will bring what bad results, they more consider their own interests, how to crack large plate low price to sell out, rather than for the customer to do the project to do a convenient, high-quality project.

2.Reinforcement of large plates and engineering plates

The elegant white jade in marble, elegant bo ash, Spain creme yellow, black and white root, cloud pull ash to wait for gray series material crack is much, fracture extremely easily, if do not use good fibre-net, glue when big board is produced, or the reinforcing material of rebar kind is strengthened word, production processing and installation are certain fracture.In order to reduce the reinforcement cost of cracked plate, some stone material production enterprises use plastic rod reinforcement, considering plastic rod is not an ideal reinforcement material from the perspective of strength, or it is better to use reinforcement reinforcement.For the reinforcement of radial crack, long steel bar should be used to cross the direction of crack

3.Matters needing attention in unpacking on site

For easy to damage stone site unpacking boxes should be strictly according to the stone production enterprise unpacking surface, unpacking boxes do not exert too much force, it is best not to use the crowbar and other particularly sharp tools to dismantle the box, crowbar too big pry force is easy to make the stone in the box extrusion damaged.

4.Note for forklift unloading

Don't use too much force when forklift fork cargo, avoid the impact of too much force on the box caused by the impact of stone damage.The forklift should control its speed during transportation, and the speed limit should be below 8km/h to reduce the damage of stone caused by turbulence during transportation.Because many of the site unloading more please external forklift unloading, multi-unloading fast run, forklift drivers will not care about the stone production enterprises of the goods, as long as more unloading more money is good.

5.Handling tips

It is recommended to use foam, pearl cotton or other packing and protective material liners for stone handling at the construction site, or to place the stones in small wooden cases and transfer them with hand-pulled forklifts, so as to prevent the products from breaking, bumping and breaking during handling.

Handling by standing up can reduce the probability of damage compared with horizontal handling.When handling, it is best not to grasp the upper corner, upper handling, because the edge is very fragile, easy to fracture.It is advisable to carry the center position of the side of the board.When the handling of the plate to grasp the side of the back, grooving (chicken mouth), must not grasp the edge of the handling plate, because this side has been very thin, very easy to fracture, damage.

6.Product placement advice

Cloud ash and other marble materials are fragile materials, so the placement of products is very important.

It is strictly prohibited to put more than one plate horizontally, and it is advisable to put it vertically.Control the number of placement during vertical placement, with no more than 8 ~ 10 pieces, and as far as possible flush side placement.It is strictly prohibited to place the marble stone in the way shown in Figure 4 below, which may easily lead to fracture and damage of the plate.

Stone products are placed in the order of large specifications in the back, small specifications and thin strips in the front.If the small size and thin strip are put back, they will be fractured by the large size plate.

7.Matters needing attention in construction

A lot of the loss of easily damaged stone occurs at the construction site.In 2019, after experiencing a cloud ash and Yarbai jade stone project in Shenzhen, the factory suffered less processing damage after multiple processes. However, when the goods arrived at the construction site, the site service staff reported that the cloud ash and Yarbai jade material suffered more damage.When the problem was reported to me and I asked for a solution, I immediately told the site service personnel to go to the site to see if it was caused by the rubber hammer strike during the installation.Service personnel to the site to see the installation of stone hammering is indeed a large amount of cloud ash damage is an important reason, requiring site personnel to reduce the construction rubber hammer or other percussion tools to hit the stone surface, especially the stone cracks.If it must be struck avoid the crack;In the stone edge to reduce the percussion, control the percussion strength;When knocking, had better be in rubber of stone material surface mat piece or splint undertakes, reduce knock strength.With these measures, the amount of cloud ash damage is reduced compared with before it is uncontrolled.

Control the empty drum phenomenon.After empty stone material drum, as long as the person stepped on above or above placed heavy objects, it is easy to crack much marble stone fracturing, crushing.

After the completion of the construction of stone in the adhesive does not reach full curing, do not step on.