How to protect marble

- Feb 17, 2021-

Marble is one of the most beautiful and classic choices for kitchen countertops.Whether you're seeing a new marble countertop or already have one in your home, we've compiled a list of best practices that will help you keep your marble countertops amazing.

Ways to Keep Your Marble Safe

  1. Preventative Measures

The most effective (and simplest) way to protect marble countertops is to take precautions.Use coasters, cutting boards, and placemats frequently.Be sure to put citrus fruits, tomatoes and anything highly acidic in a bowl or plate before placing food on the counter.If possible, avoid spilling vinegar, wine, or oil on marble.Of course, we're all human, so if you spill something on your work surface, make sure you clean it up immediately.

2. Clean daily

It's important to clean marble countertops regularly, usually several times a day, depending on how often you use it.If you're just doing regular cleaning, a soft cloth and warm water will do the job.However, if you want to clean up spills or just want to go a bit more thorough, make sure to choose natural soap with a mild, neutral pH (we all love lemon-scented or vinegar-based cleansers, but your marble won't).We also recommend carrying a good stone cleaner with you, which can come in handy if the leaking stone goes unnoticed for a long time and starts to seep in.Ask your local hardware store for their best stone cleaning equipment and check the label to make sure the cleaning equipment is specifically designed for the stone.If you can't remove the stain with soap or stone cleaner, try ointments.Although this takes more time and effort, it is a tried and tested method of decontamination that is likely to be more successful.

Also, be sure to keep a sponge or cloth dedicated to your countertop, especially if you use a high-acid cleaner to clean other surfaces in your home.It can be harmful if the rag you accidentally sprayed with lemon cleaning fluid on your bathroom dresser ends up on a marble countertop an hour later.When you're finished cleaning the marble surface, be sure to dry the countertop with a separate, clean cloth.

3. Constant cleaning

To complete your marble protection program, make sure your countertops are sealed.We are pleased to recommend to you some of the top local manufacturers in the area.

You can also try sealing the marble countertops yourself.Buy the recommended sealant from your local hardware store and read the label carefully before buying.Sealant products range from recommended use every 6 months to use every 10 years.However, the safest practice is to seal the countertops every 6 months to a year to ensure that the marble remains in the best condition for as long as possible.