How to make stone processing drawings

- Mar 08, 2020-

Ground processing drawings.

1.Composition. (think about how to show the whole processing requirements, splicing relationship and part of modeling of the ground to be painted in the simplest and understandable way, which is also the purpose of all stone processing drawings)

1. In the actual drawing process, various typesetting methods are adopted according to the actual situation.

①Even division method: it is a layout method that divides the effective size of the whole floor into several equal parts. The advantage of even division is that it can greatly improve the material yield of the plate, reduce the processing difficulty, and facilitate the packaging, transportation and on-site installation of the finished product.

②According to the requirements of Party A, the layout method of square specification board shall be adopted.

③Uniform layout of large batch standards

2. In the process of drawing the ground processing drawings, it should be noted that the stair steps and threshold stones cannot be divided. First, this practice is taboo among the people; second, it is not beautiful.


Wall processing drawings

1. In the process of drawing the wall processing drawing, we must pay attention to the layout and orientation of the wall, which is more conducive to the reasonable planning and utilization of the factory materials.

2. Because the wall processing drawing involves a lot of content, in order to make the factory processing workers easier to understand, we need to make more use of the stone processing drawing

The linetype represents various irregular shapes and edging. At this time, it should be noted that each linetype can only represent one shape and edging.

3. Generally, the wall processing drawings are the unfolding drawings of the wall in the whole area. At this time, we should pay attention to indicating the position of the internal and external corners and the splicing relationship, and adjust the width of the wall. If there is a foot line, the width should also be adjusted according to the splicing relationship between the wall and the foot line

4. When making the wall surface of the public part of the large-scale hotel, it should be noted that there must be no staggered horizontal joints. Like the ground, when making door jambs, the head plate can't be divided equally.


Stone line processing drawings


1. According to the specification and texture of the material, the seam of stone line shall be minimized without affecting the yield.

2. When connecting different stone lines, pay attention to the adjustment of stone line length at the corner.


2. In the case of not affecting the field installation, we try to require the factory to bond the shorter stone line.

4. The section and detail drawing shall be reasonably used in the stone line processing drawing to enlarge the local modeling and mark the smooth surface.

5. When drawing a closed stone line, make sure to specially mark the inside and outside of the stone line.



The aesthetics of the drawing


1, adjust the size of the picture frame, in the case of not affecting the drawing beautiful, reasonable use of the space in the picture frame, do not empty box not overflow box.

2. Accurately fill in the contents of the picture box.A lot of times we call the box from one project's drawing to another project's drawing, but remember to change the box.

3. The size of the drawing and the size of the label should be coordinated and reasonable, and the label should be placed around the graph as far as possible, so as not to blur the layout of the drawing.The label of the large sample drawing should be the same size as the label of the layout. There should be no label of two sizes in the same drawing.

4. Since we are a stone processing drawing, we will try our best to exclude the content irrelevant to stone in the drawings in the workshop, so as to reduce the misunderstanding of the drawings by the processing workers.