How to choose home improvement marble?

- Aug 15, 2019-

The decoration of the home is determined by marble decoration floor, stove top, window sill, bathroom TV background wall, etc. In addition to the variety of colors and colors, the quality of the marble may be unprofessional, so how to choose marble? Attention?

1. According to the determination of the marble processing traces, the artificial marble pattern has no layering, uniform color, and the indentation of the mold on the back; the dyed stone has obvious level in the fracture; the gloss is lower than the natural marble; the coated stone is easy to wear, There are scratches on the light; although the waxed sheet adds luster, it is not durable, and it is tarnished by baking.

2. Inspection of slate density and hardness. After determining that the stone has no crack, it can be used to distinguish the density and hardness of the stone. Generally, the density of the stone that emits the steel sound is relatively large and the hardness is relatively high; the density and hardness of the muffled sound are Both are relatively small.

3. Inspection of slate gloss. The way to look at it is to put the stone against the light source. When the image of the person is only blurred, the gloss is about seventy degrees. If the image is clear, the object is basically the same as the image, then the gloss is At about 80 degrees; if you can clearly see the hair, wrinkles, beards, etc. on the face, the gloss should be around 90 degrees; see all the words, the gloss should be around a Baidu.