- Feb 28, 2021-

Shrimp red stone number is G681, being kind usually referred to as red shrimp, which is a major in producing in nanan ishii, produced in ZhangPu, longhai, etc also have red granite, different ore mouth produced products, mineral and color is different, but the overall point of view, its small decorative pattern, uniform color, the color difference is not big, but large area to decorate, so decorate up the overall atmosphere clean, concise, smooth also can give a person a kind of pure and fresh quietly elegant feeling.

In addition, shrimp red has the characteristics of slow weathering and fading, which makes it not only an ideal stone for floor paving and stairs, but also can be used as a dry hanging stone for external walls after smooth treatment, with a very good visual performance.

After inspection, the average volume density of shrimp red is 2.57g/cm³, in line with the national technical specifications, proving that it is easy to cut, shape, can be used for sawing, grinding, casting, cutting, etc., can create a large plate, and can be made into polishing, matte, fine grinding, fire, water knife treatment and sandblasting and other surface effects.The average water absorption rate of the sample is 0.48%, which proves that it has good weather resistance, is not easy to be damaged by moisture, and has a strong ability to resist erosion, weathering, freezing and moisture.The average compression strength of the sample is 104.9MPa, which proves that the sample has a high hardness and can withstand large pressure. It can be used in the scene of dry-hanging of the exterior wall of high-grade buildings, stone along the road and laying of large squares.The average bending strength of the sample is 11.5MPa, and the average bending strength is 9.1MPa in the state of water saturation. It can be seen that the sample has strong anti-collision, anti-seismic and anti-bending properties.In addition, after inspection, shrimp red natural radionuclides radium-226, thori-232, potassium-40 radionuclides specific activity at the same time to meet IRA ≤1.0 and IR ≤1.3 conditions, for the standard specified in the A class decoration stone, production, marketing and use range is not restricted.