Engineered Quartz Stone Production

- Feb 15, 2021-

Selected natural quartz crystal minerals, high purity SiO2 99.9%, does not contain any harmful radioactive heavy metals, bring a new healthy life.

1: Feeding & Mixing

Step 1, Manual Selecting

Step 2, Sober & Deironing:

The required mesh number of quartz sand is selected by different screen to improve the purity of sand.

Step 3, Deironing Blender / Mixer

The ingredients are tested and then fed into a blender and mixed together.

2: Molding Spreading:

In the slab module, the technical personnel will lay all the materials falling on the mixer.


The slab is then compacted through a special vacuum and vibration process, and the stability of the product performance depends on the tonnage of the press.In the historical countertop design, we used a 60 ton press to ensure that each square meter of the composition of the structure can be stronger.

4.: Heat Curing:

The quartz slabs are moved to the curing kiln, although the heating curing process gives them ultimate strength and solids.


Quartz plates face each other back to back after hot curing, vertical 90°, and tightly clamped to prevent the plate from curling in the 24 hours cooling process.

6. Quality control,Film Covering 

We select only the highest quality raw materials and carry out a rigorous series of production processes in our state of the art production facilities.Each of our finished pieces is polished to 

perfection and ready for rigorous inspection.