Distinguish between marble texture and cracks

- Aug 17, 2019-

The texture of natural marble is dense but not hard, brittle, easy to crack, easy to process, sculpt and smooth, polished and so on. The marble is polished and smooth, the texture is natural and smooth, and it has a high degree of decoration. Each piece of natural marble has a unique natural pattern and color.

Granite hardness is relatively large, the pattern is consistent, and the dark series is dominant.

The texture of the marble is very similar to the crack, and many customers mistakenly believe that the marble is cracked. Due to the poor stone quality of the marble, the color pattern is more, and irregular cracks are generated in the dark seam or other hidden damage. The source of the crack is multi-faceted, the material of the stone itself is fragile and the mistake of the installation master. The processing technology is not in place.

The way to distinguish between lines and cracks: touch with your hand, if you cut your hand, it proves to be a crack, and vice versa, it is a normal grain.

The treatment of natural marble cracks: such products as dark brown nets, when the hairboard is mined, the pores are of different thickness. After polishing and repairing, it can achieve luster and translucent. If there is a crack in the installed natural marble, the crack can also be restored in a professional polishing and polishing manner.

Artificial stone is generally suitable for the bay window, because the hardness is relatively large, if the artificial stone is cracked, there is no way to repair it.