Different quote for the same stone

- Dec 20, 2020-

1. Differences of stone slabs

Natural stone is formed naturally, divide old mine and new mine, and the stone material of surface layer and inner layer is different also.The price of the same stone is different for different minerals.And same kind of mine each stone material also has distinction somewhat.

The different place of board of same a stone material has color depth, grain, crystal line to wait for distinction.So, strictly speaking, there are no two stones exactly the same in the world, and the price is certainly not the same!

2.Differences in calculation methods

Stone is stored in the form of big board or waste material, big board and waste material is equivalent to the cloth to do clothes.The customer asks the price, some give is the price of cloth, some give is the price of clothes, this among at least 20% - 30% of the difference in the rate of finished goods.The price of high yield falls naturally and the price of low yield rises.

Generally , if the customer did not give a specific size list, the stone merchant is to give the price of the big board, namely the price of the cloth, only determined the specific size, the merchant can give a more accurate stone price according to the size of the loss.

3. Differences in processing technology

Same stone material, good brand manufacturer can use the high quality stone material big board with higher cost to process.In addition, reliable quality assurance, strict processing management, so that the product produced by the luminosity, precision are better than small manufacturers, after-sales quality, so the price will be relatively high.

4.In stone board smooth surface, matte surface, fire surface, antique surface, drawing surface, natural fracture surface and so on.Processing technology is not the same, the form is different, the price is also different.