Correct understanding and evaluation of marble radioactivity

- Aug 16, 2019-

1. The radioactivity of matter in nature is not terrible.

The radioactivity of matter in nature is not terrible. It should distinguish the radioactivity of various substances. Like the radioactivity of other building materials, the radioactivity of marble is also objective. This is a natural phenomenon. It is normal. We should look at the radioactivity of marble in a scientific and normal mind, without neglecting it.

Second, most of China's marble is safe

Marble radioactivity refers to the radioactive substances produced by the three radioactive elements radium, thorium and potassium in the decay of marble, mainly “氡” gas. If the content of the decayable substance is too large, that is, the "specific activity" of the radioactive substance is too high, it is harmful to the human body. At present, countries around the world have basically set standards for marble radioactivity. In terms of numerical standards, the standards of China and Poland are the most stringent. The test data of the Hot Gas National Building Materials Bureau Geological Exploration Center and the Industrial Hygiene Laboratory of the Ministry of Health indicate that the specific activity of granite marble is higher than that of marble and slate. In terms of marble color, the specific activities are red, flesh red, grayish white, white and black marble from high to low. However, most of the marbles tested in China are safe.