Classic marble -Burdor Beige

- Nov 24, 2019-

Beige marble has always been a common color system in home decoration

It's gentle, warm and suitable for home decoration

Whatever style There are many Beige marbles on the market

For example: Spanish beige, Ottoman beige, Magnolia, Golden Century Beige

Lightning Beige, Egyptian beige, etc

Let's introduce it to you today:Burdur Beige



Lightning Beige Natural marble plate is a kind of high facing material, which is mainly used for buildings with high decoration level requirements, such as memorial buildings, hotels, exhibition halls, cinemas, shopping malls, libraries, airports, stations and other large public buildings' interior walls, columns, floors, stair steps and other facing materials can also be used for stair railings, service desks, door faces, wainscots Windowsill board, skirting board, etc


Lightning Beige, good wear resistance

 Not easy to aging, delicate material

 Texture similar to jade, moist and beautiful, natural and transparent

 Therefore, it becomes the best marble, which is very suitable for interior decoration

 Make the whole space look cleaner

 Style is not just a copy

Style is the sincere approval in the eyes of others

 Lightning Beige shows the beauty of conflict and harmony

 Warm and soft background

 It is painted with lightning like patterns by God, transparent, resolute, gentle and unrestrained