White Fantasy Granite Slabs

Stone form:Granite slabs
Code:White fantasy granite slabs
Transport port:Wuhan China
Hs Code:6802919000
Place of origin:china
Transport Package:Wooden bundle
SIZE:2500up x1400up x20mm

Product Details

Product Specification

China viscont white granite is a kind of white quarried in china. This stone is especially good for granite slab, floor tiles, wall tiles, cut-to-size and wall capping, stairs, window, countertop, etc.

1. Material

China viscont white

2. Color


3. Surface Finish

Polished, honed, flamed ,etc.

4. Available size

Big slab

2500up x 1400upmm ,Thickness: 15/18/20/30mm

Small slab

2400up x 600mm, 2400up x 750mm,, Thickness:15/18/20/30mm.etc.

5. Packing

Big/small slab

Strong wooden bundle outside with fumigation

6. Delivery time

About 10-15 days after receiving 30% advance payment

7. MOQ


8. Payment terms


L/C: irrevocable L/C at sight

9. Samples

Free samples are available

Product photo


Packing & Container Loading

We use strong wooden crates with reinforced straps or wooden bundles outside with fumigation. Sometimes, it will also use cartons inside for some products. After the products are packed well, professional workers will load them and fixed them carefully into the container, to avoid breakage during the transportation.


1.Must stone be painted with protective agent when used?

Not necessarily. Stone protection is a normal protection measure for stone and an effective way to prevent water and organic substances and other surface pollutants from entering stone and causing various damage. However, different occasions should be treated differently, such as outdoor squares, roads or places where water often exists, not to use protective agents, because not only can not prevent the infiltration of sewage, but also hinder the evaporation of water, showing a long-term spotted state. In some places, the protective effect is too good and affects the adhesion of adhesives and sealants. Therefore, the need for protective agents is reasonable according to the needs.

2.Is it a problem for marble to lose its luster in less than half a year?

This mainly depends on the variety and material of marble, the hard marble has good wear resistance, high gloss, and the mirror gloss will maintain for a long time under the condition of low flow of people; the soft marble gloss is difficult to reach high gloss, sometimes it will use polishing agent to increase brightness, but the maintenance time will be short. There are also some marble pavement after the completion of the overall grinding and crystallization hardening treatment, poor treatment or non-professional construction is prone to the above problems, it is not a problem of marble materials.

3.Is marble really radioactive?

The radioactivity of natural marble is close to the natural background level. In China's "Radionuclide Limit of Building Materials" (GB/T_6566-2010) and "Natural Marble Building Plate" (GB/T19766-2005), the radioactivity of marble is an exemption item. Since 2001, the average radionuclide level of all marble varieties tested in China is 1/50 of the class A (unrestricted) standard, which fully meets the green requirements. Some people who don't know about stone use granite and other stones as natural marble, which leads to the measurement of radionuclides in some cases.

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